The BEST frozen Kefir

 It all started when I decided to eliminate my dairy intake dramatically. I'm lactose intolerant but there are also other personal reasons for my decision to forgo most dairy products. I wont get into that here though, to each his own. So, while I still eat some yogurts and cheese (I can't realistically give up cheese!) I no longer drink milk or eat ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. Ben and Jerry's Milk and Cookies was my complete heaven! So I've been on the hunt for a good alternative to traditional ice cream that will satisfy my frozen treat cravings. I found Lifeway frozen kefir at the organic deli by my old apartment a couple of years ago. For those of you who don't know what kefir is read this. It's 99% lactose free and has 10 live active cultures and probiotics. Sounds like a good treat choice to me! I was hooked. All the flavors are amazing. Unfortunately I cannot find the stuff anywhere around our new apartment. So I decided to give it a go and make some of my own using the Lifeway liquid kefir. This stuff is amazing. My Husband even said it was better than the one from the carton. I could eat the entire batch it's that good! It's not like traditional ice cream, it has the same creamy texture, but tastes more like pinkberry. Only WAY better if I do say do myself!

Coconut Vanilla Frozen Kefir

2 cups liquid Kefir (I used Lifeway low fat plain flavor)
1 cup coconut milk
1-2 tbsp coconut cream (this adds a great sweet coconut flavor feel free to add more of this and less sugar if you want)
3 tbsp Sugar or Sugar Alternative (adjust more or less for personal taste)
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp coconut extract

Mix all the ingredients till its all blended together. Put it all in your ice cream maker following the devices instructions for 25 min. Enjoy!

Taste the rainbow

I love love love rainbow cookies. I could eat a whole tray and not even realize what just happened. So I'm not really sure how I stumbled upon the Spoon Full Of Sugar Etsy shop, maybe Pinterest, most likely yes. But when I saw this Valentine's day version of rainbow cookies I just ordered them without even really reading the fine print. See when it comes to rainbow cookies I don't really think, I just do. And I'm so glad I did because after I ordered, I realized these cookies are gluten free. I don't have any allergies to gluten (as I know of). Aside from a mild lactose intolerance I really don't have any food allergies.  But even without the gluten these rainbow cookies did NOT disappoint. There really was no decipherable difference between these and regular rainbow cookies, (and I have had my share of rainbow cookies!) The customer service Chris offers is also one I would put at the top! They came super fast and all wrapped up in such pretty packaging. Even a little hand written note!  To top it all off she's local in Brooklyn! If anyone is looking for gluten free goodies I highly recommend Chris's shop! I hope to try out her other goodies as well!