My Baby Must Haves

It's been just about a year since I've had Emerson, and before I had him I spent months pouring over recommendations for baby items and what to register for. Many things I purchased or received as a gift I used but other things I barely used or didn't use at all. After a whole year I think I've come up with a list of items that are a total must have. There are other necessities as well, such as bottles, breast pumps, swaddles, and diapers but there are so many brands and I just felt like the those things can be chosen on preference. These items are ones that I just couldn't foresee myself surviving the first year without. OK, that's dramatic I would have survived but these things just made it a whole lot easier!

Baby Registry Must Haves to get you through the first year and beyond

1. Aiden and Anais Burpy Bibs - I know these things are everywhere, always on the "must have list. But really they are a must have! they are perfect with a new born to burp with and I use them now for when Emerson is eating a smoothie pouch on the go. Saves him from getting food all over his clothes and it's nice and soft!

2. Infantino Squeeze station - This is one of those things you wouldn't know you needed until you have it. Kind of like an automatic car starter. I've used this thing ever since I started feeding Em foods. I would puree the food, use this little station to put the food in the baggies and then freeze. Now I use the station for smoothies! I can see myself using this for a long time to come.

3. Squooshi reusable food pouches - These things are great! I HATE wastefulness. It's one of my biggest pet peeves in life. I even have re-usable zip lock bags that's how much I hate it. So these bags are great! I've been using them over and over since Em was 4 months old and they hold up great and don't leak! If your going to use the baggies for your baby to feed him or herself with, make sure to get the spouts too!

4. Boppy baby lounger - We had the Mamaroo, a bouncy chair, a bassinet, a vibrating thing, but THIS thing was a life savor. For some reason my son hated the mamaroo till about 4 months or so. He also hated being flat on his back so this pillow lounger was perfect for him. It kept him at a slight incline so he was comfy and it was small and compact I just took it everywhere with me.

5. Ergo Baby carrier - I did not have this one. I had the Baby Bijorn, and the K-tan sling. But I wish I had gotten this one instead. I loved my K-tan sling but I could only use it for a few months. The Bijorn is complicated and kills my back. I recommend the Ergo over the others.

6. LeSportsac travel set- I hate diaper bags. I've been through 3! I've only found one that is semi decent but that one just goes back and forth to my Nanny's because it's really not that cute. In the end I started using a Louis Vuitton speedy 40 or a big tote. These little pouches are great for organizing. I use the largest size to hold all his diaper changing stuff and the smallest bag for first aid type stuff and the medium size I throw in a change of clothes or some toys.

7.  Safety 1st Bath Tub - The is our second baby bath tub. Our first one was great but was meant for him to just lay in where the water just hit underneath him. Once he started sitting up we needed something that he could sit in, move around in, and pay a little like a real bath. Our tub was still too big for him but this was just perfect. In the end I wish we had registered for this instead of the infant bath because this comes with the infant seat as well.

8. Nose Frida - Way better the bulb aspirators. So easy. My son still hates it no matter what but this does the job.

9. Munchkin Sound Projector - This machine does way more than just play sounds but I only use it for the ocean sound. My reason for putting this on my list is that it has an option for continuous play. Which is great! My son wakes up if it happens to go off so to have it play continuously is key! I'm sure there are others that do this but this one is the one I have and it's perfect.

10. Levana Oma - This device gives a new parent peace of mind. You clip it on your baby's diaper and It alerts you if there is no movement after 15 seconds. I wouldn't have gotten even a wink of sleep in those first few months if it wasn't for this thing.

11. Halo Quilted sleep sack - These sleep sacks are great for when transitioning out of the swaddle. They keep baby warm and cozy. My son sleeps so much better with this on.

12. Jelly Cat - These stuffed animals are so unbeliveably soft. My son has a few but he loves his bunny and doggy. They really do help him sleep better! He rubs it all over his eyes when hes sleepy and snuggles it in bed. Plus they have the cutest animals!

13. Ciao baby portable high chair - I did not register for this chair but my boss gave it to us at my shower and it's one of the best gifts we've received. It's small enough to leave in the car and bring anywhere and everywhere. We use it ALL THE TIME.

14. Baby Zen Yoyo "umbrella" stroller - This is the best stroller invention ever. This thing folds up to the size of carry on luggage and even has a tote strap built in for easy carrying. It's super light weight and unfolds in the snap of a wrist. Literally, it unfolds like a yoyo! We purchased this one because we would be traveling and while I love my City Select it's just way to complicated for traveling.

15. Guava Lotus Travel bed - Also something I'd consider a best invention ever! It takes literally 2 minutes to unfold and fold away. It's SUPER light weight and it's all breathable mesh. We use this everywhere we go. We used it while on vacation recently and it made nap time on the beach and by the pool super easy. I recommend buying the sunshade and the quilted sheet with it as well. If you are going to purchase one use this code to get a free cotton sheet!  It's also on promo right now for $60 off! Go scoop one up!