Easy "Beignets" with Pear Compote

These are the easiest little treats ever to make! They seem super fancy but really they are just deep fried Pillsbury biscuits! The pear compote is also super easy and works well on any breakfast really. Try it in Oatmeal, on Pancakes, French Toast, waffles... the list goes on. Here's how I whipped these up...

For the "Beignet"
1 roll of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuit dough
Oil for frying (I didn't measure, I just put enough so they would not touch the bottom of the pot)

For the Pear Compote:
2 large ripe pears peeled and chopped
3 tbs water
1/4 cup good maple syrup
2 tbs dark brown sugar (if you don't have this any sugar will work)
Cinnamon to taste
Nutmeg to Taste

Put all the ingredients for the pear compote in a small pot and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer cover and cook for about 10-15 min checking to see how soft the pears are. When they pears are soft and almost mushy take a potato masher and give them a quick mash in the pot. Cook for another 5 min adding more syrup if needed for taste. Set aside and let cool. Pour the oil in a deep pot till it's it very hot (not boiling). Pop open the Pillsbury dough and cut each one in half leaving them attached half way. Spoon in a drop of the pear compote (not too much). Fold the dough over and pinch to secure. Using a mesh ladle submerge each dough ball in the oil, it will rise to the top (cook them on low or med low depending on your stove). Flip them over when they look golden brown (about 1-2 min on each side) remove from the pot to a paper towel lined plate and sprinkle with powered sugar or cinnamon sugar and enjoy!