Penny Picks

Ok, maybe I've been living under a rock, but can you believe all these goodies are from Jcpenny and not one item was over $45??  I went in there after work one day just out of curiosity because I've been taking note of their awesome ads lately. And boy was I blown away. That red faux leather bag feels so soft and supple I almost thought maybe for a second there it might actually be leather! The little cigarette pants I purchased don't fit too well. They have a very big spec at Penny's, but it was only the waist, and nothing a good tailor cant fix. They were only $25, so it will be worth it! I wore the bag and the nude bow kitten heels here. I cant wait to wear the rest of my loot as the weather starts to get warmer. Have any of you taken a peek in Jcpenny lately? Or have any other good bargain stops to share?