Weekend Ski Trip

{we rented the cutest, romantic one bedroom apartment for the weekend}

{attempting to snowboard ungracefully}
 {ice sculpting going on in town}

This weekend my husband and I decided to drive up to Hunter Mountain for the quick little ski/snowboarding trip. We had the best time up there. The little town of Tannersville is so quaint and quiet. It's the perfect backdrop for a winter romantic trip. Day one of actually being on the slopes I attempted to snowboard. It did not work out for me. Since I already know how to ski it was way too frustrating to be on my butt most of the time. Day two I opted for skis, which was way more my speed and I was able to fly down those slopes nice and smooth. It felt good to be so active for a day since my routine at home allows me almost no time for that. Even if I am unbelievably sore today, it still feels good! If your interested in heading up there I highly recommend these apartments. They are a no service rental meaning they don't get cleaned at all while your there and if you run out of anything like toilet paper, towels ect. you have to come prepared. They also have a sister B&B close by that is a full service rental that you can check out here. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!