Weekend Bits...

 {Brunch at Jane}
{Washington Square Park}
{Caught this little lady venturing far out in the park to get the best untouched snow for her snowman}
{My Husband actually said to me "I'm embracing my inner blogger photographer"}
{One of the best cookies in the city at La Columbe}
 {Trying to get away with NOT sharing this cookie}
 {Picking up some flowers to brighten up our place}
{Finished our Saturday night with take out sushi}

 This weekend we originally had big plans to visit Boston for one of my closest friends 30th Birthday. Then a little fish named Nemo got in the way and forced us to stay here in the city. Which was a little disappointing because my Husband recently bought me my first DSLR camera for Christmas and I was so excited to use it on our little road trip. So since we were stuck here we decided to make the most of it and capture our weekend here at home in the snow. Our weekend was filled with lots of walking in the cold, food, and mini photoshoots. Hope your weekend was eventful and colorful!