Perfectly Matched

I've been wanting to post about this little DIY I did for our wedding favors for some time now, but haven't gotten around to it till now. I don't have any real step by step photos, so these will have to do.
       My Husband and I met on Quite common these days, I know, but I wanted our wedding to have just a tiny showcase of our beginning courtship, so I thought; matches! Right?!? But it couldn't be just any plain old matchbook, it needed to be a special keepsake. So I knew it was going to be a glass bottle and somehow I wanted to be able to strike the match ON the bottle.
      I originally came across a DIY for glass etching involving this etching paste. Easy peasy right? Not so much. Turns out not ALL glass can be etched using the paste. I forgot exactly why (I did the research back in July), but the fact is, the adorable little bottles I had purchased were not getting etched no matter how hard I tried. Still intent on etching something on the bottom of my bottles I called a few glass companies to see how much they'd charge per glass bottle to be etched. I was quoted $10 a bottle??? Yea right! But when the man explained to me how they needed to be sand blasted, well now I knew I had a DIY on my hands. A little more research and it led me to this at home sand blasting kit and voila. I did the steps as followed over the course of a few weeks, little by little and I was able to sand blast 200 bottles and fill with matches for our wedding favors. This project isn't too hard. If you have a lot of bottles (like my 200) it can be quite taxing, but all in all, it was pretty simple.

  1. Find a bottle you want to work with. I purchased 200 of these and I really liked the size. Perfect to keep on a coffee table next to candles.
  2. Purchase a pre-made stencil or make one yourself by free hand cutting sticky vinyl or using the Shiloutte Cameo      cutter to cut into sticky vinyl (I used the cameo method because I needed 200 hearts).
  3. Stick your stencil to the bottle. I chose to stick mine on the bottom because I was also going to add a little tag, but the side of the bottle could be cute too!
  4. Tape up all (or most) of the exposed bottle with painters tape. I taped mine about half way because I knew my hand would cover up the rest of the bottle while sand blasting. My wonderful husband helped me tape up the 200 bottles. It was a LOT of work for that many.
  5. Put together your little sand blast kit. I purchased mine here. You really have to use this little "inflate a booth" or the sand will fly everywhere. During my research I read some people just use a cardboard box with holes cut in the sides for your arms to reach in.

BEFORE YOU DO THE NEXT STEP MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LONG SLEEVES ON AND GLOVES. Unless of course you enjoy tiny particles of sand pelting your skin.

      6.   Blast your glass bottle on the stenciled part for about 60 seconds.
      7.   Peel the tape and stencil off the bottle, rinse off with warm water. A match should strike on your etched design quite easily (you have to use the strike anywhere version of the matches, the other ones wont work. These are the ones I used).

I made a little label saying "John and Monique, a perfect match" with our wedding date and directions for how to use the little bottle. This with a scented candle would make a really cute Valentines gift!