Monday Musings....

 Flat Iron NYC.

 Broadway stop in Astoria during the nor'easter after Sandy this year.

 Just your average commute to work on the subway.

 How some of us grocery shop in the city.
{all photos by me via my instagram}

             This Saturday the Hubs and I got up super early (and by super early I mean the still dark out kind of early). We headed off to Jersey to attend a memorial service with his family. While the circumstances weren't the best, it was still great to see his family, I LOVE his family. Something funny happened during the after service brunch. A distant relative, said to John "you live in New York City? Ugh I hate NY" I cant lie, I might have been just a teeny bit offended. I could not be more in love with NY if I tried! So during the ride home that night we rode the whole way with the music off and just chatted about life and our future here in NY.  No Barking dog, no phone calls, no texts, no pinterest and instagram, just him and I, and our voices.  I loved every second of it. We got to talking about where we would like to "settle" down. I really hate the term "settle down" makes it seem like your giving up one thing for another, and I really hate to think of it that way. But the truth is, that's kind of exactly what you are doing right?  Giving up something for another.
          We've been talking about this for some time now, as we both feel for us the best investment we can make right now is in property. But the one question that seems to always leave us going back and forth is, where? In the beginning we were pretty set on the idea that we would buy a house. One with 3 bedrooms, a generous yard, a kitchen and dining room. You know the kind, white picket fence, all that fun stuff. Living in the city (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and now Astoria) has left me longing for more space. For a big closet, for a room I can call an office/craft/blogging room. It has had me longing for a space to decorate, and renovate. A place to have weekend visitors, and parties, and most importantly children. But as I sit here and type out all these pretty little dreams about a house, and all that comes along with that, there is also the other part of me that cant imagine the idea of leaving this city. This gorgeous, incredibly unique city. Filled with all the things my husband and I love so much. We just cant imagine not being able to hop on the subway and head downtown to visit some of our favorite restaurants and parks (Who needs a backyard when your surrounded by amazing city parks!) We also cant imagine not being able to share all these things we love with our future children on a regular basis.
           The thought of having to drive everywhere gives me more anxiety than I will ever admit. We are walkers. Even if grocery shopping means I need to bring my old lady cart (see photo above and don't laugh you have no idea how easy shopping is with that cart!) We did however recently buy a car for weekend visits to our families, and quick weekend trips, and it has enhanced our lives tremendously, but driving to do everyday things, I just cant see myself doing. It makes me so happy to know I'm not on my own. My husband feels exactly the same. I'm not so sure we wont change our minds again, but I am sure that we need to do what's perfect for us. No matter what anyone else thinks or says. Small spaces can be the happiest spaces. And even happier when your in the greatest city in the world! Leonardo Da Vinci said "Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it"? I like that....