Closet re-vamp

{My closet before was a complete disaster!}

{This Bookshelf really helped maximize the space.}

{I placed my handbags in my regular rotation front and center for easy access. The shelf dividers really help to keep them nice and neat. On the second shelf I showcased a little eye candy with the shoes I dubbed my "Cinderella Shoes" because my Husband Proposed with them. I also de-cluttered my jewelry and subbed my old jewelry boxes for these stack-able lucite ones. Now I can see all my jewels in one place. }
{I already had these shoe racks, all I did was re position them to the far left corner. Leaving lots of extra floor space.}

{The boot stands I used really saved the floor space of the closet tremendously.}

{This shoe cubby holds all my ballet flats nicely.}

{All my jeans are stacked somewhat neatly on the shelf.}

By NY Standards I have a pretty big closet. By girl standards is any closet really big enough? Probably not. But I realized I wasn't utilizing the space I had to it's fullest potential. A few little updates really helped me whip this closet into shape. Here are some items I purchased to complete the re-vamp.

Shelf Dividers
Shoe organizer
Boot Stands
Jewelry Trays