Santa's NEW favorite cookie

I don't think I've ever met a cookie Santa wouldn't like. But these just take the cake, err cookie...
The combination of bacon, no not regular bacon, CANDIED bacon is unreal. For real. I followed this recipe to a T. I'm so not gonna hide the fact that I literally ate these cookies for breakfast the next day. They are THAT good. My Husband took some to work with him and I heard I am now a bit of a celebrity over there (not that I'm complaining). When, not IF, but when I make these again, I'll sprinkle just a dash of sea salt on top to amp them up.
Note: To candy my bacon I laid them out on this handy bacon making tool, smothered them in brown sugar and popped them in the microwave for about 4 - 5 min. You can also bake them on a wire rack for 20 min...but really, when your anticipating eating possibly one of THE best cookies ever, who has 20 min to spare!

OK now I dare you make these for Santa and NOT eat them all. Go on I dare you!
Have a happy Christmas!! Be back after the holidays!