Storybook Wedding Invites

It's been quite some time now. I can honestly say I do not feel guilty for neglecting my blog. These have been the busiest months of my life! Wedding planning is hard work! Not only is it just time consuming in itself, but adding so many DIY projects to the mix is just crazy. One of my DIY projects were my wedding invitations. Being someone who works in fashion and graphic design on a daily basis I really could not find anything remotely close to what I wanted for my Invites. I had a very specific vision and I was determined to see it through. Since all my guests have gotten them and by now have RSVPed I figured I'd share them...

I designed all the artwork and the entire invite using Adobe Illustrator. My wonderful Fiancé wrote the little story we had inside, and the amazing team at Proof 7 printed them. More importantly they dealt with my psycho picky-ness over every tiny detail. They were wonderful to work with!
   John and I spent a few nights putting them all together (which was more work then we will ever admit!)  Regardless of how time consuming this project was, I have to say it was worth it. I loved the end result! My wedding favors will be the next DIY project I can share...but you'll have to wait a month for that one :) 

UPDATE: If you are interested in this invitation it is now available for customization in my Etsy shop! :)