This weekend...

1. It snowed here in NY and was too cold for Quintin to go out without a little coat. Although this one must have shrunk bc it doesn't fit him anymore....but I can't see how it could have shrunk...I've never put in in the wash! Must be too many treats for him!
2. John and I ordered new dishware and it arrived super quick! Saturday morning coffee was pretty tasty in my new can cups!
3. On Sunday morning I made the most delicious Nutella oatmeal. (recipe to follow this week)
4. I purchased this new coat during Macy's outerwear sale. While its not super warm its just what I was looking for! A shapeless, wide, black, casual coat. I may have to make a lining for this puppy so its a bit more practical. 

Hope your weekend was warm and lovely!
xo M