1 Banana, 2 Banana, 3 Banana 4...

I found this recipe recently via pinterest It sounded interesting so I had to try it. Since Mr. "I don't like fruit in my dessert" was lingering and I knew the word "Banana" would scare him off, I decided to tweak a few things. First I split the Nutella into 1/2 cup Peanut butter and 1/2 cup Nutella. Mr. "I don't like fruit in my desserts" loves peanut butter and I figured this might entice him little. Then I took it one step further since I had these mini peanut butter cups on hand, I figured why not! I love a little crunch in my ice cream. I also only used 5 bananas because that's all I had. The result was creamy and very ice cream like and I will definitely be doing this again! Now I have to find a way to add strawberries in without sending Mr. "I don't like fruit in my desserts" for the hills!

Tip: if your going to add chocolate chips or nuts, into your mixture make sure to freeze it first for 1hr or so or until its thick but still mixable. If not your chips will just sink to the bottom

P.S. I'm dyeing to try out this one!