DIY winter headband...

Hello my lovely bloggers!!! I've been MIA this past week an a half. I decided to take a little break and focus my energies on work, and my health (don't worry I'm fine just trying to get into a better sleep cycle and work out pattern). I've taken a step back from social networking in general. I realized I need to have a balance between my human everyday interactions with friends, co-workers, and family, and my "cyber-life" (is that what we call it?) So for the next month or two I will be blogging much less, but I will be catching up on your all fantastic blogs of course. I hope all you lovelies can understand! Soo.... any-who, on to this weeks post....
I've been dying for a winter headband to cover my ears for the chilly weather we've been having here in NYC. I found one at Macys recently but the adorable bow was half ripped off and of course it was the last one! On my way home the thought popped in my head that I could probably make one myself with some of those stretchy headbands. Well I found these perfect terry cloth headbands (even better than the stretchy headbands because they are super warm) and with a sewing machine and a little creativity I was able to whip one up in less than a hr! So I've decided to share my DIY project with you!
What you need:
3 stretchy headbands
Needle and thread
Sewing Machine

Step one: Take two headbands and sandwich them together matching up the seams.

Step two: Sew the two head bands together about 1/8" away from edge

Step three: Take the 3rd headband and fold into a bow. This doesn't have to be perfect, any shape you like will work, even a little rosette. If you are making a bow, sew the sides down where you pin them.

Step Four: If you want your bow to be scrunched up in the middle use a needle and a thread and simply stitch and pull the thread as tight as you can without tearing the thread. There is no real technical way to do this so just continue until you've scrunched enough to your liking.

Step Five: Stitch the bow to the headband wherever you like. Since I'm a bit anal I had to make sure my seam was centered in the back and the bow was off to the right. I stitched my bow on using the hand method with a needle and thread but you can use a sewing machine, or whatever works for you.

THAT'S IT! Your all done!!! This was SO easy and such an affordable version of the sweater ones in a department store!! They also make great stocking stuffers!!!

Happy Sewing loves!!!