"Boots with the fur"

I walked into Bloomingdale's on a mission...To buy a b-day present for my bestie, not for me even though my b-day is Friday. But I did have some gift certificates and I decided to wander over to the shoe department to search for some basic black booties with a reasonable heel height......I walk out with these. Dolce Vita, brown, 6 inch-ers, covered in fur....I have issues....

I am having a love affair with these but am having a bit of trouble figuring out what to wear with em! When I wore them for the first time I paired them with a basic white long sleeved tee and jeans....I guess that's it for now....any suggestions???

On another note these Guess booties I purchased at the end of the summer to fill the fur bootie void in my life, have been left un-touched in my closet (poor little babies). I will be selling them on eBay...I really hope they do find a good home. They are worthy of such incredible outfits....oh the plans I had for these babies....only to be replaced by my new fur covered Dolce Vita's. Sigh.... I know someone out there will appreciate the soft shearling like lining and wooden clog like heel! you can check out the ebay listing here if your interested Sz 8 1/2 and if you use buy It now you get a free gift!!

P.S. I know I've been slacking, but I promise tomorrow's post will be filled with yummy food from one of my favorite resturants in BK, and of course a little outfit! Stay tuned lovers!!