Little Miss Birthday!

Its my Birthday today!!! YAY. I LOOOVVVEEE Birthdays! Such an excuse to indulge in all things girlie and fun! Cupcakes, shopping, dinner, wine, sparkly skirts, oh and I even get to wear my little miss birthday tee today! (it SO may not be normal to wear this tee to work, but luckily I work in tween design world, if I had a tiara I'd prob wear that too!!) I won't reveal how old I am...most of you know anyway, but I do look like I'm prob around 19-22 range (pllleeeaaasseee agree!) and I like it that way!  I've managed to convince a few people at the office I will be 25 this aging backwards isn't that bad....but I sense from some, they do not believe me (damn!).

Me with a wax cupcake....what does one do with a wax cupcake?

Still trying to figure out what to do with my prop...

I can't remember when I got this Tee by: Junk food, but I break it out every year! It makes a really great b-day gift too! Bracelets: All Jusinta Leigh

This skirt was actually a sample I purchased for work in LA about a year ago from LF on Roberston. I loved it so much that when we were done with it I was able to take it home!

How cute is this B-day card!!! It came in the mail the other day from my best friend Nikki Over at Style N Charm (we met day one at FIT, Years ago!). She illustrated it and made it herself! I'm so obsessed with it! I mean how cute is that lil chicky!!! I can't wait till she comes out with her own stationary line. It's completely necessary! I'm sure if any of you lovely readers are interested in personalized cards she'd def do em!

Just a quick shot of me on my 2nd bday. My Daddy sent this to me last night and I just had to share it with you.....Serioulsy how on earth did I have such fat cheeks!

Tonight John and I are headed out for a fancy dinner, but it's a surprise, I have NO idea what he has planned, but I'm sure it will lead to a blog post of some sort! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!