Dinner with Ninjas

So as you all know Friday night was my birthday, and I knew John and I were headed out to dinner but where exactly was the surprise. When the cab pulled up I was unbelievably excited because John and I had heard of this place called Ninja downtown where your served by real Ninjas, and they do all sorts of tricks, scare you and all sorts of fun stuff. I was even MORE surprised when we were brought to the table and sitting there was my Mom, Dad, Sister and one of my best friends to celebrate with me! I couldn't believe he arranged for everyone to come! John and I had never been to this place so it was going to be a first experience for all. And while the company, and conversation, and of course the fact that it was my Bday made it one of the most perfect evenings ever, John and I just would never recommend this place for dinner to others. I really really wish I could say it was worth the super high prices but it really wasn't. Our waiter was def NOT a ninja of any sort, and the sushi was terrible. Dishes came out in flames, or smoking, which was kinda fun...but all in all, this place should really lower their prices. When you pay $8.00 for one single piece of sashimi you expect it to be ridiculously fresh, and soft and mouth watering. I Can't say it was any of those things. It didn't matter much though because I wasn't paying too much attention to the actual cuisine, I was just way to excited to be celebrating my Birthday with the closest people in my life, and so happy that John took the time to arrange everything himself. It was the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me! I was touched. This was the first Birthday John and have spent together, and he went just above and beyond. I spent the rest of the weekend feeling so loved! He also surprised me with some Birthday goodies. Unfortunately I sent my gifts home with my parents because we were headed out for some drinks afterwards so I have no pictures, but he gave me tickets to see "The Heights" on Broadway for Dec 11th! Very excited about that! Here are some shots of our evening....

Chiffon Tank: soooo old from H&M, Skirt: Forever 21, Blazer: H&M

Justina Leigh Monte Bracelet, Bow Ring: Old from my jewelry box

Shoes: Marc Fisher

John wanted to be part of the photoshoot!

Us at dinner..

Some interesting presentation of the food...

After dinner we ventured to the Lower East side to a place called The Back room where they serve drinks in tea cups. Loved it!!

After such an eventful evening John and Q just wanted to lounge around all day on Saturday!

We had such a great time. And thank you again  for all my Bday love on Friday!!! It definitely added to my happiness!! Love you all!!