After my obsession with Obre hair, I basically fried my ends trying to get them a lighter reddish blonde shade. After all the bleaching and then blow drying and god knows what else I've put my hair through my ends where flaking off! So recently I got a really great hair cut by a friends long time hair dresser, he didn't cut too much off, as I thought he would, due to the awful state my ends were in but instead he gave me such a great tip! OLIVE OIL. He told me to rub it into the ends, leave it over night, do this a few times a week and eventually my ends would be smoother and not brittle. I tried this on Sunday and wound up leaving it in all the way till Tuesday morning. I let my hair air dry and then blew it out last night and I cant even believe how soft and silky my hair is! And I'm all about instant gratification so this is the best beauty tip I've received in a long time. I feel like an Herbal Essence commercial! lol I'll be doing this weekly! Oh and I also read that oilve oil is good for your cuticles and that cutting them is not. I'll have to stop doing that too. Do any of you loves have fantastic beauty tips??