Date Night!

Happy Thursday!! It's absolutely gorgeous here in NYC today! A perfect cool and sunny October day! Since its Date night and my boy surprised me with tickets to the Miike Snow concert for tonight, and since its almost our 6 month anniversary (he's so cute to spoil me every month!!) I was feeling a bit flirty so this is what I decided to wear:

Dress: F21 Dont remember the price, Chambray top: H&M $19 (about), Booties: F21($32.80), Bag: Mulberry (Ebay STEAL)

In this last Photo you'll notice some weird glare up top. It looks kinda cool in this one shot but that was really by chance! This was a super depressing revalation. Between having to go out and buy a new computer  because the old one broke, and now a 6 month old $300+ camera breaking, I was NOT happy! BUT oddly enough I had joined twitter a few days ago, this is what happened:

My Tweet: Just realized my camera lens is cracked....great!

My next tweet (After calling Sony): $210 to fix a camera that is 6 months old....I hate Sony!

In my e-mail inbox I have a new twitter follower "Sonylistens"

I'm baffled (I'm new to twitter so this is all a bit strange)

Sonylistens Tweets @me: Hi This is Sarah @ SonyListens, So sorry about your frustrations, please email me your problem so I can look into that for you!

My retweet @sonylistens: WOW thanks Sarah I had no idea Sony REALLY was listening, I will email you tonight.

I emailed........Sarah herself calls me today....they aren't going to repair my camera....instead.....they are sending me a brand new one, the same model for $90.00. This is a bargain since I even took the camera to a repair shop and they said the parts for that camera are not on the market yet because it is too new and its water proof so it would never work the same!! So I was eventually going to have to just chalk it up to a loss and get a new one! The moral is.......well I don't know what the moral is but, I really love social networking and seriously, Sony is AWESOME! And I can't wait to take some fun photos with my new Cybershot. I promise to be more careful with it......or just leave it at home when I go to the Brooklyn Brewery again....yea I didn't tell you all that story, but really you don't want to know :)

Have a happy day loves!

xoxo M