Ok normally I would NOT do this. I have firm stance on style. "To each his own". Blame it on PMS but I'm going to get down right bitchy about these horrific Alexander Wang "Kori" off the chain booties. I've seen them pop up on many popular style blogs, fall wish lists, and must haves. But really, I DON'T get it. There is NOTHING flattering or attractive about this boot. They look unbelievably awkward and hideous. To be perfectly honest (now here comes even more bitchiness) They sorta make me cringe at the sight of them, They are flat out ugly. Or as my father would say "FUGLY". This is one strange trend I will most certainly not be getting behind.

BUT I'll never say never. There are some things I swore I'd never wear and then one day I get the trend bug and I'm biting my tongue.

ANYWAY that was my bitchy rant for the day, my boyfriend will thank me later for letting my monthly bitch mode out on the blog and not on him :) kk love all you guys!

xo M