Almost Ladylike...

I've been having a major obsession with ladylike blouses. Silk & chiffon loose fitting button front blouses are all I want to wear this fall!

Friday night the sweetie and I headed into the lower east side for some drinks with his brother, and one of my best friends. The weather was perfect for paring my new favorite dotted blouse from H&M with denim shorts and my over the knee socks, which kinda off set the ladylike-ness of the look.

Blouse - H&M, $24.90

Shorts - Forever 21, $17.90

Belt - Thrift Store, about $3.00

Over the knee socks - From two years ago bought on some random online site but you can get them at American Apparel for about $15.00

Boots - Forever 21, $34.90

Bag - Chanel Bought on Ebay

Necklace - Gold Key Charm Is my mothers, gold lighting bolt charm my bestie and I had made for each other back in college. Its engraved with "Lucky Star" on the back which was our little saying back then.

xoxox M