Absolutely COCONUTS!

Back in July I had to do a quick errand run for work. I was in desperate need of interesting necklaces to pair with some tops for the line. They couldn't be expensive but they still had to be cute and sparkly, so I go where I always go for affordable necklaces to pair with some dresses on our line STRAWBERRY in the Manhattan mall. I always do a quick browse for some comparative shopping (price points, inexpensive trims etc etc)...then......I spotted out of the corner of my eye, these lace up booties, I couldn't help it, but I needed a closer look, and then I touched and well the leather was faux, and the rest was canvas but really not bad at all!! I tried them on and very very comfy and omg they are super cute!!! Of course I needed them and at $49.00 how could I say no! I Wore them for the first time this week and a friend of mind says "OMG are those the Chloe booties from Gossip girl??" My face said it all because I had absolutely NO idea what she was talking about. Usually I know about these things! But I don't watch Gossip Girl (don't kill me!) and I guess I just missed that Chloe Runway show! Anyway, so I did purchase the Chloe knock off booties not knowingly but am SO glad I did bc I do love them, canvas and faux leather and all! And I have to say after googling the Chloe booties and the Brand of My Knockoffs "COCONUTS" I got mine for a steal because I've seen my exact ones on Mod Cloth and Endless for Over $80.00! Score for me! I may be a whole year behind but I still love em!

Photo Credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl (LOVE THIS BLOG) about 1 year ago

You can purchase yours here