A few of my favorite things...

Due to a hectic week (3 day work week means too much to do in very little time) I'm feeling super uninspired to dress well or post about fun things SO this post will be a re-post I'm doing a bit of stealing if you will.

Last week one of my favorite bloggeristas A Brit Greek did a little questionnaire about me and my jewelry line and a few of her questions prompted me to snap some shots of my favorite things so I'll just give you a teeny little insight into me.

ABG- Other than shoes, what is your wardrobe chock full of? (Note, this gal loves shoes!)

ME: Well, yes shoes are def 75-80% of my closet! But I also have an abundance of handbags. I started collecting bags when I was in college I had hundreds! Sad story - my Father accidentally put the box of handbags I had stored in the basement outside for charity to pick up! I lost literally about 100 handbags!! The one I miss most is a vintage Moschino red one. I've never seen that style again! Definitely a sad day for me, but slowly my collection has grown and I do have quite a number of handbags.

ABG: Fave dress?

ME: My deep purple Diane Von Furstenburg chiffon wrap dress that I purchased at Neiman Marcus outlet for a pretty good price. It's simple and elegant and I toughen it up with chunky belt. I love that my BF is in the background of this pic too! Typical of what happens when I'm photographing and playing dress up! Haha!

ABG: Fave Bling?

ME: I love this ring I purchased as a gift to myself when I was single. It's a big smokey topaz with a halo of pave diamonds and pave diamonds on the band. I figured if you don't have a guy to buy you sparkles just buy it yourself! It makes me feel strong and independent. I think they call those power rings? Did I just make that up? I have no idea, but I love it and I love that It was a gift from me to me!

ABG: Fave Shoes?

ME: My Chloe Black Patent "Leonessa" T-strap Mary Janes that I purchased 3 years ago. They make me feel so girlie! I wear them with thick black tights and mini skirts around the holidays, they never go out of style.

One more pair of shoes I'm loving right now are my SUPER affordable H&M lace up booties seen HERE. I still cant believe what a great deal they were at $59!!

Thanks again A BRIT GREEK for interviewing me!!! Please go take a look at her blog, its a really fun place to be!!

xoxo M