Remember when patchwork was hot.....

So I've had this dress for a while. A crazy patchwork dress that I bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago at H&M and I really haven't liked it much lately, but I remember absolutely loving it when I had bought it, and wore it often, which is why I haven't parted ways with the patchwork "mess"'s sorta like an overall in patchwork....which is weird. Anyway recently I've been getting inspired by some of my favorite bloggers Style Underdog and Fashion Butter (to name a few), to use what I have and find new great ways of wearing them. These two bloggers have been seen wearing many dresses as skirts. I love this concept and I figured enough with being lazy!! Let me get back to my creative FIT roots and brush up my rusty DIY skills. So here's my version of the dress as a skirt. I wore this ensemble last week.

Sorry for the Lack of multiple shots, they all just kinda looked the same so why bother! :)

xo M