Madonna Madness!!

Part two to the "Material Girl" launch is the actual unveiling! I just got back from the event at Macy's in Herald square and all I seriously want to do for the rest of the day is blast my old school Madonna Mixes (which I will, thank you very much!) Since I'm not much of a Fashion critic because I believe style is personal and what looks good on some just might not on others, I don't want to spend too much time critiquing. BUT I will say that being a tween fashion designer I most definitely acquired some much needed fall fashion inspiration from "Material Girl". Women's clothes and trends while amazing, can be a bit serious at times and well, my wardrobe may consist of those serious pieces but when designing for girls in the 7-16 age range a bit of glitz and glam is necessary!!

The line was an eclectic mix of glitter, sequins, faux leathers and furs, intarsia sweaters and military jackets pieced with Lace and studs! It was as if they didnt want to miss a thing! "let take all the trends and do our best to mix em up to create a glamorous mash up of looks!" Great thinking! I loved it. Personaly I could never wear half the things on the line but artistically it made my heart do pitter patters. It felt some what like the first time I walked into Top Shop in London (before it was in NY) I gasped and didn't know where to go first! So I give the line a thumbs up for creating a mixology of looks, some wearable some just show stoppers But all at seriously down and dirty fantastic price pointsl! Here are some shots I snapped...

I Personally had to have this little studed skirt! Its adorable!!

One of my fav looks from the collection! I'll most certainly be Modonna-fying my denim jacket with some lace and pins now!