I'll take my cupcake anyway I can get it!

Recently on a trip to the grocery store I was perusing through the cereal isle for something semi healthy (fiber, bran, and all that good stuff) but also tasty. Chocolate Cheerios and Special K Chocolatey delight were getting a bit old. Then I stumbled upon this, Cupcake Pebbles?? For real??? YES IT IS, my eyes did not deceive. I snapped a photo then promptly left the isle, its such a shame I had forgotten coffee the first time around because I had to venture back to the cereal isle, and, well, the box just called my name. I have a STRONG affinity for cupcakes and these were something I just had to indulge in (esp. because I really do like Coco Pebbles).

I had decided against blogging about them because there's nothing fashionable or glamorous about sugared carbs with no nutritional value whatsoever (seriously it has 0g of fiber!) BUT when I thought about it over my nightly indulgence last night, I realized something. The average cupcake has about 400 calories or so (also no nutritional value), that's almost half my daily budget!! The cupcake cereal on the other hand has only 160 with a cup of skim milk! So why not indulge in some super sugary processed carbs, its better than the 400 calories right? I really can find the rational in everything can't I? haha