Just a quick post to all my amazing blogger friends. I'm not sure if everyone has bloglovin or not but I'm strongly suggesting that you do! It's free and easy and here's why I love it. Every morning I get up early (ok this is a lie sometimes I do this at night), make myself coffee go sit and my newly acquired workspace and log in to bloglovin'. A lot of the blogs I read are on there and I get to just click along my long list of reads all on one spot!! How easy is that?!! Its like an on line catalogue of all your favorite reads. I love all the blogs I read and am following but sometimes its hard to remember to go check out a new post if its not in my bloglovin accnt. Because, let's be honest getting 300 emails a day about every new post is not ideal, so I turn off notifications but I love that I can just log into one place like Bloglovin' and its all there! So if you don't have Bloglovin' I'm just throwing out a little suggestion to sign up! :) Love all you fantastic bloggers!!

xoxox M