A Shoe story....

I'm not supposed to buy shoes......no, CAN'T buy shoes, will NOT buy shoes, won't even window shop a shoe store, that's how dedicated I am to NOT buying shoes!!!
I've even tried to stop thinking about shoes, which is basically like telling me to stop breathing!!
But like any addiction one must be weened off....so to indulge just the teeniest bit, I figure some glossy, happy, page turning browsing can't hurt.....trying on is dangerous for me, so I won't try on, I promise!

Buuuuut if I were to, let's say, just, oh....waaanndddeerr over to some department stores in the near future for, oh, let's say a casual afternoon lunch trip, and let's just say, for arguments sake, I passed the shoe department while trying to get to the kids department, for work of course (because naturally this is the only reason why I'd be in a department store in NYC, right?..... I only shop for work...really its true....fine! dont belive me!) , but since I'm already there, and it WAS on the way.. I'd probably go in search of these....

Photo Credit : Marie Claire Magazine - August 2010

But I won't try on! I'll touch...and fondle....and maybe, just maybe, when no one is looking I'll sneak a quick little sniff, because the smell of new shoes is an aphrodisiac for me. But I WON'T try on...I absolutely cant try on, trying on is like a gateway drug for me, its the kiss of death. When I try on shoes they somehow appear in my closet.....Better yet I should just stick to flipping through magazines... (sigh).