A Happy Workspace...

Finally my Desk AND chair arrived for my little workspace nook! I couldn't be more pleased with the items I purchased!!! It makes me so happy to get up every morning and check my emails and do a bit of blog reading at my new clean and simple desk! I still have to get a cork board (a little DIY project I have an idea for) and one shelf for the side wall but I'm happy with it for now! :)

Originally in this space I had a big wine cabinet/side table that took up this entire space. It's sole propose was to hold my liquor and wine glasses but the space was necessary for me to do freelance, make jewelry, blog, photoshop, anything my little creative heart desires. So I got rid of the beautiful wine cabinet (sold on craigs list for $200 SCORE!) and put the money towards a new desk a chair and a little drawer cabinet (I also dug deep into that closet of mine and sold a few misc things that I never used like shoes, and some clothes with tags.

So what did I do with all the Wine glasses and liquor? My amazing boyfriend put up two shelves over the sink and two wine racks next to them! It looks even better than it did bare! and it made room for my pretty little mock office! My apartment is really coming together with some chic personality. I'm going to have to post pictures of it soon!

Items for my workspace include:

West Elm Parsons Desk - $299.00

Zgallery Aero side chair - $149.00

Z gallery Everyglades White 3 drawers - $139.95

Sold wine cabinet for $200.00, Sold shoes on ebay for $180.00 Total amount for my office make over $207.00!!!

Do any of you lovelies have a workspace that makes you happy?? If so what about it makes you smile??