Wedding Attire

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend, and for those of you outside the USA I hope you had a fantastic weekend as well!!  I surely did! The boy and I had a wedding to attend and I really wasn't into buying a new dress for this one so I decided to wear my American Apparel convertible's how I put it together (side note due to the rushing and running around I TOTALLY forgot to have my boyfriend take pics of me in my outfit at the actual wedding, these were taken a day later oopsie!

My Vintage Dolce and Gabbana gold Mesh shoes

Black leather Chanel

Swarofki Crystal bracelet - A gift from the Boyfriend :)

The American Apparrel dress

John decided to stray from his usual skinny tie and wear a bow tie. It's Super trendy and I think he just looked fantastic! I wish more men would dress outside the typical box. BTW I learned how to tie the bow tie pretty damn good!!!

We had a lot of fun! :)