Black Keys...

I've been listening to My "Black Keys" play list (thank you John! <3) on Pandora non-stop lately and today it had me feeling so retro. Blame it on "Muddy Waters" and his bluesy rock and roll vibe!! (that added to the bottle of wine we finished last night haha)

H&M high waisted super wide leg jeans - purchased 4 years ago, found buried with tons other old stuff!

Forever 21 silk blouse - Purchased earlier this spring not sure the price

Mulberry Alexa Bag - Purchased on eBay

Zara Wooden shoes - $69.00 on sale!

Belt - Thrift Store find - $3.00

Jewelry - Justina Leigh "Hendrix" necklace, "Monte" bracelet, and "Charlie" bracelet - Made by me!

Ring - Gift from my mom bought in - Turks and Caicos

I'm so glad everyone is loving my looks! All you lovelies have been making my day, everyday!!!

xoxox M