Workspace Needed!

I'm in the process of getting rid of things I don't need and making room for things I do. One of them being a desk! I'm in serious need of a work station for freelance design, blogging, jewelry making, sewing or anything my little creative heart desires! So I have the perfect space for a medium sized desk and possibly some shelves and a small drawer unit. I came across this amazing desk during my on line quest for something glamorous but not too over the top and a touch modern bc my apartment building has super modern finishes.

I emailed the shop in Palm springs and unfortunately they don't make this desk anymore! How tragic!! The sales guy was super helpful and even suggested something else. But now I'll have to use this as an inspiration piece...and the quest continues...

But honestly if I had a spare bedroom (and really who has that in or around the NYC area?!?!) I'd be inspired to go ultra glam like Khloe Kardashian's office

Just needs some more vintage touches in there and it would be perfect!!! I love Glam with eclectic mixes of old used things.