UPDATE: Grillin' and Groovin'

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my miGrill that came just in time for the holiday weekend. We had a few things going on so we weren't able to grill till Monday night for dinner after a long day at the beach. But it was the perfect ending to such a great weekend!! The grill plays music via an ipod connector. Volume can go full blast but would upset the neighbors! And it grilled wonderfully!!! We had Lemon/ Rosemary chicken (I absolutely have no idea how he prepared this)which was amazing with squash, zucchini and asparagus. It grilled perfectly. The chicken had a slight crisp on the outside but was soo juicy and tender inside. The veggies were perfectly soft without being mushy. We grilled (he grilled) to some Van Morrison and The Beatles! Such a perfect memorial day!!!

I give the miGrill 4 out of 5 stars taking one star away for the grilling space being a bit too small. Its good for 2 people but the veggies AND the chicken on the grill space all at once was a bit cramped. Other than that I'm happy! check out my post here Grillin' and Groovin' to see where you can get one for yourself!