Sometimes I like to look like a cupcake....

I have an affair to attend the second week of July. I know that's a bit away but if you knew me you'd know I like to plan my outfits well in advance and if I don't I'm one cranky lady bc I always think I could have come up with something better had I given myself more time. So I've been perusing some shops here and there and this dress from the garden collection at H&M caught my eye. I love the dramatic pleats at the neckline but unfortunately the color is a blush pink which I feel is a bit inappropriate for a wedding rehearsal dinner, or any event that is in honor of the bride to be. But I couldn't see myself passing up this dress bc it was just my size! Then while rummaging through that messy closet of mine I spotted this puffy salmon colored skirt I've been dying to wear but havn't had the right event. My intention was to wear this skirt with a simple baggy screened tee but a thought popped in my head, that dress might look great worn as a top tucked into the skirt and a big belt to tone down the look! I have to say I'm quite pleased with the ensemble It reminds me of a cupcake! I can't wait to wear it in July!

Dress from H&M Garden Collection

Skirt from H&M

Vintage Belt bought at a thrift shop


I'll finish off the look with my blush pink Chanel, my Aldo "Fawson" pumps, and my Justina Leigh "Charlie" and "Monte" Bracelet. Def no necklace with this look!