Shower Sherbet

I'm always looking for really good body scrubs. So far The one from Sabon that my Bestie surprised me with this Christmas is my fav. But in keeping up with my recently acquired 12yr old mind frame - see post: GLITTERIFFIC (I think I've been designing tween clothes for too long)

I came upon this one by Me Bath in Duane Reade yesterday, Its all natural and paraben free.

I used it this morning and I have to say its worth the $28. First of all the tub is pretty big. You get a lot for your money, and two the papaya nectar scent is so delicious I wanted to eat my arm after the shower!!! And yes it left my body feeling super soft. The only thing that I wish it had was the oil base the Sabon one has. That one leaves my skin feeling like butter. But I'll Keep this one for every day use and the Sabon one for special days!