My New found love for Lovejoy

While frantically trying to get ready today I dropped my beloved Nars Orgasm blush. Completely shattered! There were little bits of iridescent pink powder all over my bathroom floor! Now the mess it created and how I would inevitably have to clean it was not what had me screaming 4 letter words! My fav blush that was not so used either was gone! I've been a devoted user of this color for some time now even though I purchase other Nars colors I seem to always go back to the big O. So after cleaning the mess I realized I need to find my back up blush; Nars Lovejoy. I don't even know why I stopped using this color!! It suits me so well! Maybe it's the slight tan I'm sporting, but the golden undertones along with the bronze pink color is just perfect!! I'll be sporting Lovejoy all summer!

see my bronze cheek? :)