3:00 Pick me up!!

SO Delicious Cultured coconut milk!! Do I have to say it again? How much I LOVE coconut! Seriously anything coconut related I <3. Recently I've been reading about how healthy coconut milk is for you. It packs tons of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, and hydrates your body and it's good for your skin!! This yogurt is all natural, dairy free and soy free. Since I'm a bit lactose intolerant I've been trying to find some alternatives but I don't love soy yogurts, so this is just perfect! I sprinkle some Kashi COCO beach granola on top and it's the perfect treat. The calories are a bit high for my usual low cal treats at 140 but its healthy and yummy so I'll skip the extra snack at the end of the day! Have this for breakfast with a few pineapple chunks and you'll be starting your day off right!!

Happy Snacking!!!

xx M