Pulling an all nighter??

I had a thought while in Duane Reade shopping for some much-needed toiletries and spotted a bunch of items that are perfect for those impromptu sleepovers!10 Items every girl should pack in their evening tote (hopefully it all fits!)1. Tag Alongs one wear panties - Because who wants to wear the same dirty undies home?? Plus you prob wont even be able to find them under the heap of sheets and man clothes. They come in a discreet package so even if they are revealed no one will know what it is.2.  Colgate Swips- I've blogged about em before (see: Dont leave home without it! ) but they could not be more perfect for the unexpected all nighter. They come in a two pack. Perfect for a night of passionate kissing and one for the next morning quick kiss goodbye!3. Keep it fresh with these "sweet spot" deodorizers. I know we don't want to talk about it but we all can be a bit self-conscious about our down their natural fragrance (even tho most men never really have issues with it) save yourself the anxiety and pack two of these in your bag. One for pre between the sheets activities and one for the next morning in case showering is not an option. They have some other great products you can check out here www.sweetspotlabs.com4. Don't count on a man to be prepared ( they usually aren't in regards to most things....sorry fellas) protect yourself ladies! This Trojan condom case is perfect for those emergencies. Now if only they'd get with the times and make it in pink! I'd prob bling it out with Swarofski crystals of course!5. Dry shampoo is a god sent!!! That stringy dirty look can be hott, but that sweaty root mess that was created during that late night romp is not!! Freshen it up with this dry shampoo by Klorane!!6. Homeopathic Hangover cure? Not so sure.....but I'm a sucker for all those new products that claim to cure this and that (I think subconsciously I like to waste $$). So I'll prob try it. This new line by Sprayology seems to have an oral spray for just about everything from diet to jet lag cures! Pretty interesting stuff....don't know if it works but the idea seems nice! Carry it around anyway just to feel super glam! check out their other Sprays here www.sprayology.com7. In case that oral hangover cure spray doesn't work (and I'm not convinced it will) this travel Advil pack will do the trick!8. I've mentioned these a few times already on this blog ( I should prob get paid see: Foldable Fashion...) Rollable flats in case your feet want to murder you the next day! Get yours here www.soleilshoes.com9. GLAM TIP: Hopefully you were wearing your American Apparel convertible dress and if so take a teeny tank folded in your bag and wear it as a skirt and tank combo the next morning! And remember my motto "if you think it's nice buy it twice" get that convertible dress in two colors for sure!10. Kevin Acoin Sensual Skin enhancer. By far my favorite concealer ever! Available at www.sephora.com. This will probably last you like 2 years (hopefully your not pulling all nighters for that long) because all you need is a teeny tiny dab under the eyes to completely conceal those tiered hang over eyes!THE WALK OF SHAME NEVER LOOKED SO GLAM!!!XOXO M