How to throw the most GLAMOROUS Sex and the city party!

         Tomorrows the big day ladies!!! SATC2 comes out finally!!! I've already got my tickets and a bunch of us fabulous ladies will be venturing out in our most glitzy glam SATC inspired outfits grabbing some cocktails and then enjoying a much awaited 2 hrs with our 4 most favorite gals! The weekend is sure to bring some great SATC inspired girls nights and so since SATC is all about sparkles and glam here are some tips on how to throw the best SATC 2 pre-Game Party!!1. PAINT IT PINK!!! - Decorate in Pink, silver and white. Cover as much as you can in sparkles! The more glitter the better!!! Here are some ideas White cocktail serving tray surrounded with clear bling!! from
bling coasters

2. Glamorous Yummies -  The girls (aside from charlotte) usually dine out, or order in. Miranda and Carrie have their signature Chinese so it would be ok to do so accordingly!! You can also keep it in the containers as these real SATC girls would just eat it right out of them! If chinese aint your thang you can also order sushi. Chop stick are a must! If you're a charlotte and plan on serving up some home-made finger food (how super glam of you) keep it sassy and arrange your food in shiny silver bowls and platters. In front of each dish use a fancy table place holder to display a cute name of your dish like "Samantha's sassy seven layer dip" and be sure to use hot pink paper! These are cute from
GLAM TIP: arrange tea lights around your bowls and platters of food to keep a sexy ambiance

3. COCKATAILS!!! COSMOS OF COURSE!!! - These are imperative!!!
Make a large pitcher (make sure to put it in a super sexy pitcher) before the party so you have reserves.  You also will need champagne! This is going to have a big play in the second movie so make sure to pick up some Moet. You can glam it up by adding some fresh raspberries to each glass or just add a splash of cran to make it pink.

4. BACKGROUND SOUNDS - Def pick up the first movies sounds track and a copy of the DVD and play both. Obviously the DVD on mute.

5. DRESS THE PART - pick your favorite starlet from the cast and dress as she would! Don the highest of heels, and chicest of bags and don't forget to remind your guests, send a super sexy, super girly evite!!

6. Glamorous sweets!  - My favorite most glamorous treats are cupcakes!!! Follow the recipe HERE below for some super yummy Cosmo cuppys!! (a twist on my pink lemonade recipe) If your short on time just use regular boxed vanilla cake and substitute the water with Cosmo Mixer and top it off with Comso Pink butter cream! see my recipe HERE.

GLAM TIP: serve them in fancy martini glasses like the image below SOOO cute!!!

7. Finally your ready to leave for the show make a few treat bags for your guests to take with you into the theater. Put your favorite girlie snacks in a little pink cellophane bag and label it "Miranda's munchies" and "Carrie's candy" etc....

8. LASTLY have a blast! There's nothing like a girls night out, so enjoy!! Be Giddy Be Girlie Be GLAMOROUS!!!

xx M