Grillin' and Groovin'

So since the weathers been heating up all my neighbors have decided to make me insanely jealous of all the delicious BBQ they've been cooking up on their terraces. Since I'm no glamor girl in the kitchen I didn't even think I could handle BBQing esp b/c I grew up in a household where this was a "mans job" not that my dad minded of course! But I shouldn't have to deny myself the satisfaction of BBQ because I don't have a man readily available to flip my burgers!!!I decided Charcoal was just too messy, and electric was.....well that's just a stove!! I need a gas grill! SO on my search for the perfect most Glamorous grill for the single, city gal, one that was easy to use and easy to clean up. I stumbled upon this little gadget! The miGrill. Not only does it grill It grooves too!! It has a built-in speakers and an MP3 connector! Grilling could not be more glamorous!! I just really hope it grills as good as it looks!! I managed to find it for $99 at Grilling!!XOXO M