3:00 Pick me up!!

Low Fat brownie sundae!!! Photo Credit: Shake it app for iPhoneSo I made these for dessert last night and they were amazing! Using the Fat free No pudge fudge brownie mix (original), some ice cream (I'd say stick to a low-fat low cal one to keep this treat "skinny") My fav. Ice cream (unfortunately not low-fat, but organic!) happens to be Coconut Bliss. As I've stated before I LOVE coconut and this non dairy non-soy, gluten-free ice cream is made from delicious organic coconut milk! And Last but not least my new fave topping: Photo Credit: Shake it app for iPhoneChocagave - this stuff is amazing! A good for you twist on chocolate syrup made from agave nectar, also gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and low fat. It tastes amazing!! It was the perfect ending to this decadent (not so fattening) chocolate treat! Now for those of you in an office don't get huffy bc you think these must be made at home bc...hold your breath!....No Pudge fudge can be made in single servings too!!! Just put two Tablespoons of mix into a small container with 1 tablespoon of fat-free vanilla yogurt mix well and microwave for one minute! Now that's really perkin up that 3:00 lull!