3:00 Pick me up - Skinny Cow!

Its 3:00 o clock again!! Time for a pick me up!A friend of mine (thanks LJ) told me I just needed to blog about the Skinny Cow Ice Cream treats. Of course I told her! But def NOT without trying them! And after a run to the grocery store and a chocolate and peanut butter ice cream sandwich later I can say I'm def a lover of the skinny cow!!!! You would NEVER think these are 150 calories each! and since I'm an obsessive calorie counter and have a strong affinity for snacks and treats, this is one that will most definitely be stocked in my freezer! Thank you Skinny Cow for keeping our waistlines glamorously thin and our taste buds totally satisfied!!! Check out their other great skinny products here www.skinnycow.com