IS DELIC!!! Had lunch today with my bestie and what a great lunch it was. I used my deal purchased at Living Social Deals (sign up its free!) and what a good deal it was!! I paid $15 for a $30 meal value and here's what we had:Chicken, Avocado and dill sandwich on whole grain bread with cranberries and nuts baked in. Consensus: Id give it a 4 out of five taking one point off for the bread being a bit on the over baked side other than that fantastic!Hazelnut/coconut Soy Latte for me.......one word AMAZING. I want one everyday !!!Coffee with soy milk for Nikki. I didn't have the pleasure of tasting the coffee but I'm sure it was a 5!Chocolate/Banana crepe to share. AMAZING! We actually ordered the Hazelnut/Chocolate crepe but they made a mistake...sometimes mistakes turn out to be for the best and so it was! we were in heaven!I'll def be back to soy cafe again! Hopefully this weekend!!!Soy Cafe115 Greenwich ave.NY, NYxx M